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"The overall tone of the album is entrancing, and each track makes you want to listen again and sing along. The instruments aid in putting the spotlight on the vocals, and every note pulls you closer to the artist. “Coal People Coal Puppets” is an album born of raw talent and perseverance that left me wishing for more.  From vocals to production, Tali Green has given this album life. With each passing track, I was left speechless, and I cannot wait to hear what comes next from NICARUS."

Based in Israel
Founded in 2017
Genre: Molecular music/elsewhere/tragic pop
DIY project via -GreenMuzic
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All Videos

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Booking & Managment :
GreenMuzic, Israel /
Tali Green: +972 587654900

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Tali Green - Vocals, guitars, mix &production

Nicarus is a project by Tali Green - Vocalist, Producer,  Sound engineer & Guitarist from Israel.

Nicarus released her first EP - "Holy Sun Father Spirit" in 2019 in which she played on all instruments, recorded, mixed and mastered one of the songs,

Breaking the door open to Molecular music / Elsewhere / Tragic pop.

The idea of Nicarus came to light in 2017 which led to the release of the single - "Shooting the stars (zodiac) in 2019. Within the same year,

shortly after that another single was released, The title track from the EP of the same name - "Holy Sun Father Spirit."

In January 2021  Nicarus released her second album - "Coal People Coal Puppets" that describe most private and dark portrait of herself.

Again, she did it all DIY and the only other credit beside herself on this album goes to her session drummer - Rom Gov.

The album was perceived amazingly well from fans and magazines worldwide!

On the 01/01/23 Nicarus released her 3rd studio album, more like 4 since it is a double release of "Stone buddha" & "Golden Buddha" both under the album title - SIPAPU. The drums were recorded in legendary "Electrical Audio" of Steve Albini in Chicago by Engineer Sanford Parker and Garry Naples on the drums. In July 2022. She also finished her first live summer tour in Israel with C.P.C.P set. She released 2 music videos from that album as well and she is currently working on her live performance with the new music.

She is the only female artist ever exist who went on stage packed with full live gear and amplifiers and provide a full band live experience on her own, as magazines described her - "one woman band" show and she calls it her - "Re-Amping" live experience.